Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh Hp~~

10:03 AM Sunday, October 2, 2011
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh....and salam sejahtera  ^_^ I want to share something with you guys.
A very very sad thing for me T_T. I've owned a Sony Ericsson J105i (Naite)

Sony Naite
That's my phone. A gift from my brother. If I'm not mistaken, he bought this phone in 2009. Now its nearly 3 years I've been using this phone. Although its not to "smart" yet not to "great" but its still cool for me (free things..of course I am..hehe ;P)


Suddenly..last week my phone got damaged..=O.....Im so frustrated....I dont know what happened. The screen suddenly become white and after that I can not start my phone!!! roomate have an extra phone. So I borrowed her phone (so kind of her =)..thanks!!) her name is Dharlina..(have to mention here..hehe) I've used her phone for a week. I need to do something. Either I repair the phone or buy a new one... I keep thinking..and thinking..and thinking...


I've decided...I want to buy a new I go to phone shop and start to look for a phone. My budget plan is to buy phone below RM300 yet still have a lot of functions. I went to Sony Ericsson shop. And the Chinese guy there recommend me this phone

Sony Zylo I buy this phone..for RM350...(hahaha..over budget)..but somehow I'm still now I want to declare..

(who cares~~hahaha)

Dear Naite..I will try to recover you..dont be sad..
Dear are mine now..whoohoo!! ( I hope you wont get damaged..aminn Ya Allah)

Aqilah Tahir

Thank You for Spending Your Times Here. Until We Meet Again. Adios!



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