Monday, July 23, 2012

Salahkah Aku..?

2:12 PM Monday, July 23, 2012

Kenapa dan mengapa?
Walau aku cuba berkata TIDAK
Tapi hati mengatakan YA..
Walau aku cuba berkata YA
Tapi hati mengatakan TIDAK

Check, scan..what else should I do? Why is the feeling dont want to go away away??(hahahaha..hamek kooo) Adess..It is not my intention to do that,..and that..and that..doesn't matter what I said to just won't go away..why I can't get rid of you hah??

Sepa xmo tengok orang yang dia sayang happy? Everyone does kan? So..why should I act like this? This is just soooooo embarassing..hahahaha..

Hmmm..maybe I have to keep silent..but the question is..can I do that?huhu..

*adakah ini kesilapan yang tidak boleh di undone?* =.=

Aqilah Tahir

Thank You for Spending Your Times Here. Until We Meet Again. Adios!



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