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Brilliant Way to Save Your Electrical Cosumption

11:01 AM Friday, June 24, 2011
Having an energy efficient home is one of the ways to reduce the electrical consumption and one of the most untapped solutions to reduce the impact to the environment. Here are just some of the solutions that are available for you to have an energy efficient home.

Turn off electrical appliances or lights that are not in use

When not in use for a long period, consider unplugging the appliance. Appliances that are on standby mode or battery chargers that are plugged in may still be drawing a small amount of power.

Use compact fluorescent lights

Compact fluorescent lights uses two-thirds less energy and may last six to 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. It also produces little heat.

Use lower wattage bulbs

Instead of using a 100-watt bulb, you may only need a 60 watt bulb for some areas in your home.

Fully utilise your refrigerator

Let food cool off first before putting it into the refrigerator and stock your refrigerator appropriately as an overloaded refrigerator uses more energy. Also place your refrigerator at least 4 inches from the wall to avoid overworking the motor.

Optimise your laundry

You can wash clothes in cold water and also only do a full load of laundry. When doing less laundry, choose the proper settings on your washing machine. Try to air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer as well.

Take care of your air conditioning unit

Clean your air conditioning filters regularly as dirty filters use more energy to work harder. Also set the temperature to between 22 and 26 degrees Celcius for optimum comfort.

Cool your home by reducing internal heat

Besides switching off any electrical appliance or lights that are not in use, you can also use curtains and blinds to shade your room from direct sunlight. When cooking, make sure there's enough ventilation so the hot air doesn't circulate into the other rooms of your home.

Replace older appliances

Newer appliances are generally more energy efficient than previous ones. For example, current energy savings refrigerators use 40 percent less energy than conventional models 10 years ago.

Check the Energy Efficiency Rating

If you're shopping for a new refrigerator, you can compare the energy efficiency rating of some models that are available locally. Introduced by the Energy Commission in 2005 on a voluntary basis, the energy efficiency rating and labeling program uses a star rating to rank the refrigerators, with the least energy efficient products scoring one star and the most efficient products scoring five stars.

Look for the Energy Star

Similarly, when looking for your next computer or appliance, you can look out for those with the Energy Star logo. These appliances have met the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the United States' Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Energy.

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